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Documenting and Preserving the Work and Contributions of Historically Black Organizations and Institutions (HBOI).  

Although there are literally hundreds of historically black orgainizations and institutions, many of which  have been in exisitance for more than 100 years, the collective work, activities and contributions of these historical and significant organizations has never been complied in one publication.  Until now.

Descendants Marquee was created exclusively for that purpose

By putting the collective efforts under one resource, Descendants Marquee, provides a vehicle to: 

  • Document the collective work of these organizations and institutions.
  • Preserve this information for future reference, and,
  • Educate current and future descendants  and enable them to learn about, support and eventually continue the work and services that these vital organizations provide.

Descendants Marquee is a printed publication distributed exclusively through Historically Black Institutions and Organizations (HBIO) in the 50 United Stated and abroad. Historically Black Institutions include, but are not limited to, HBCUs, The Divine 9 & Panhellenic Councils, National Black Professional Organizations, National Black Social and Civic Organizations, as well as local community based socila and civic organizations organizations.

To share and preserve this information in the best possible  way, each organizations activity or event is presented as a full-color, Full-page story and supporting images. 

So if your HBOI is providing services in your local, national or international community, make sure your efforts do not go undocumented or unnoticed. Submit your information to Descendants Marquee today and start documenting the legacy of service that you are continuing.

In addition to documenting and preserving the activities and contrinutions of HBOI, Descendants Marquee also features a united local and national calendar of events, and a Community Milestones sesction that captures milestones such as those listed below.

To find out how you can include your organization or community milestone visit the Organization Archives or Community Archives pages above.

• Marriage Engagements
• Weddings Announcements
• Birth Announcements
• Divine 9 Line Anniversaries
• Spring and Fall Probate Announcements
• Milestone Birthday Celebrations (Age 40 +)
• Organization Chapter Anniversaries
• Family Reunions
• and More.

Two Business Men

Business Woman

Woman Taking Part in Non-Profit Planting Event

Couple Emailing on Computer

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Off an Organization Archive. Pay Only $39.99 Per Page for the First Month (Regular Price $49.99)

(The same discount is available for Community Archvice. Save $20 off  the usual $99.00 fee and pay just $79 for the first month. 

Our Mission

Descendants Marquee was created to documents, educate and preserve organizational and community activiteis and milestones. It is a monthly, full-color hard-copy publiction designed to used as a historical  and educational resource that captures all the good and notable events in the Black/African-American community.

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