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Document  ~  Educate  ~ Preserve 

Descendants Marquee is the only publication of its kind.
There is no other publication that captures the coolective community service efforts of Histosrically Black Institutions and Organizations on a localand national level.

The Purpose:  Document, Educate and Preserve

There is no publication that we can look back on to find the community service contributions  of our Historically Black Organizations in one place. Not one single publication in more thaan 100 years. As a side effect, there are many Black/African-American youth, especially in our K-12 system who have NEVER heard of these community-based organizations or Historically Black Colleges and Universities. 

Descendants Marquee addresses both of these major deficets in the general market and within the Black community.


For Historically Black Institutions and Organiations, Descendants Marquee (DM) provides an opportunity to document your  efforts and share these efforts in local and national markets into perpetuity. DM is a resource for current and future members of yoru organizations to look back with pride on your documented accomplishments and a resource that reaches beyond your particular organizations adn connects you to other organizations that have similar goals and visions for Black/African American wellness, growth and prosperity.


Descendants Marquee is the perfect vehicle to share your work with volunteers, supporters and funders. Descendants Marquee gives you publsihed  documentation that can be used within your regional, area and national ranks, to show that your local chapter is conducting the business and mission for which you were established. brings awareness of your organization to youth in your local school system. To submit a page, you must be a community service organization focused on meeting a need in your community. Promote the activities your organization is involved with, such as fundraising events, food drives, or merchandise giveaways. We want to deliver information to youth that covers a wide range of opportunities, including tutoring and leadership development. Tell us about your African-American community services.

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Local Marketing

Descendants Marquee is an African-American magazine, a local marketing publication gearing up to appear in each major city throughout the United States. We publish activities relevant to each respective area. All submissions receive a full page in full color for a flat fee of only $49.99. This amount is not an advertising rate but a processing fee. You save hundreds, even thousands of dollars when comparing our fee to typical advertising rates.

Affordable Promotion

Many community organizations and nonprofit groups don't have an affordable way to publish information about what they do and reach their target audience. We help you promote what you offer to the people you serve. Our publication also lets you share information with peer groups and other supporters. Your events are listed on a community calendar for your area. Other community groups become aware of your activities and may then reach out to create important partnerships. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.