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About Us

Descendants Marquee is not a nonprofit, but we do partner with nonprofits in various communities across the United States. Our research indicates that many African-American children are not familiar with African-American organizations that are active in their communities. They might not know about the National Society of Black Engineers, the National Association of Black Accountants, The National Black Lawyers—Top 100, or the various Greek-letter organizations. We discovered that kids don't realize these organizations exist and that they offer educational scholarships. It's a sad situation that many young people are also unaware of services for blacks that meet more immediate needs.

Document, Educate, & Preserve

Collecting information meets our first goal of documenting available services. Descendants Marquee magazine is distributed to youth through school districts in a variety of cities. This meets our second goal of educating the public. Our third goal is to preserve a record of the valuable contributions service groups are making to black communities. We are creating a historical account that can be viewed many years from now, that will chronicle the work of our community service organizations.

Less Expensive Than Traditional Advertising

Aside from an affordable processing fee, we do not charge for advertising. What we do is encourage community service organizations to submit a profile page or an article that outlines what they do. Community groups can submit a full page for just $49.99.

Our Background

Our founders have 30 years of marketing and advertising experience and 20 years of experience in the field of education. Combining this experience with our interest in community service lets us promote organizations without charging high rates. We are educating the black community, thereby giving back to the community. Join us and work together to touch future generations of African-American youth.